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Finding cheap deals on insurance in NI

During the 70s and into the early 90s Northern Ireland had many problems which were highlighted constantly on the news and in newspapers. Car theft, bombings and stolen cars set alight and used as barricades were just some of the […]

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How to save on mobile home insurance

One of the best tips for making savings on mobile home insurance is to allow a broker to search around on your behalf for the best deals. They

Ensure you cover your pride and joy with static caravan insurance

Your static caravan is usually your pride and joy and home away from home, there for you whenever you feel like taking a break away from it all.

Tips for choosing car insurance in Northern Ireland

Finding online car insurance in Northern Ireland has in the past been a major problem which has not been helped by news on TV picturing the many problems

Cheaper touring insurance premiums can be found through a specialist broker

When looking for touring insurance premiums for your caravan one of the many ways you could make savings is to let a specialist broker search for them on