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Unoccupied Home Insurance

Insurance has become very automated, as has the selling/buying process. It has almost become a one size fits all service, but should your house or your circumstances be slightly different you will find it impossible to buy from the supermarkets or big […]

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Static caravans insurance can vary

Your static caravan will probably be your pride and joy and perhaps it’s even your living if you rent it out to holiday makers. Caravans range from the

Cheap insurance quotes for Northern Ireland

Those living in Northern Ireland a few months ago suffered from paying out expensive premiums, while this was mainly car insurance due to the troubles in Northern Ireland.

Tips to help you insure caravan

Having your own holiday home by way of a caravan is wonderful. You can visit a static caravan whenever you want or travel around with it wherever and

Holiday caravan insurance – Finding suitable cover

Holiday caravan insurance is essential and there are many different features in a policy that you would have to check were included in any cover you were considering

The cheapest car insurance Northern Ireland possible

If you live in Northern Ireland you may have noticed that finding the cheapest car insurance Northern Ireland can at times seem almost impossible. However there are