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Travel insurance: why is it important?

Image courtesy of Ugg Boy There are numerous bolt-on costs associated with going on holiday. Sadly, it’s never as easy as simply booking the flights and accommodation, filling a suitcase and heading off into the sunshine. In the build-up to […]

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Key points to think about on motorhome insurance

If you are considering motorhome insurance:

• some policies may have specifications relating to the minimum ages (perhaps 25 years) of drivers and/or requirements relating to the minimum period that

Keeping Track of Your Mileage this Summer

The summer months are looming large on the horizon in the UK and the urge is strong among many people to make the most of it with

Northern Ireland car insurers – FAQs

Here are a few common FAQs relating to Northern Ireland car insurers.

Why is it sometimes hard to find choice?

The historical position with respect to car insurance in

Tips for maintaining your no-claims bonus on your car insurance

Insurance companies will apply a no-claims bonus discount to your premium if you haven't made a claim on your car insurance in previous years. Very often, this bonus

Travel Smart

photo credit: Olga Oslina

The plan for most vacations is relax, kick