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Kitting out your caravan with the latest mod-cons!

If you’re looking to introduce your caravan to the 21st century, you may find a few ideas below: • double glazing. Once no more than a pipe dream for many caravan owners, today it’s typically possible to increase the warmth […]

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Tips for keeping your car maintenance costs down

Buying a car may be an expensive business and as you may be well aware, the costs don’t just stop at purchase. Apart from the on-going day-to-day costs

Caravan insurers

Whatever type of caravan you have, whether it is a tourer, a static or a motorhome, you may have spent a considerable sum on it. You may now be

What to do if you have a motorbike accident and you need to make a claim

It is not something we like to think about, but no matter how hard we try to avoid them, road traffic accidents happen, and unfortunately motorbike accident

What are the additional benefits worth looking for in a car insurance policy?

In the UK, unless your car is declared off the road it is a legal requirement for to have current insurance. Luckily for the consumer, the insurance market

Good questions to ask when choosing a business insurance broker

As a business in most mediums you are obliged under law to contract a minimum amount of insurance, be it public liability, employee liability, car, property, equipment, etc.