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Road rage statistics revealed by ingenie

UK drivers are in denial about road rage, according to black box insurance provider ingenie. The company, which offers car insurance for 17-25s in the UK, found that of over 3,950 UK motorists surveyed, 83% don’t think of themselves as […]

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Information required for motor insurance quotations

If you are looking for a quotation for motor vehicle insurance, your potential insurance provider may need the following information from you:

• details about you - including things such

How much is public liability insurance and is it worth it?

Public liability insurance helps to cover your liability for any damage or loss that you may have done to another person or property whilst you’re at work. So,

Northern Ireland and past insurance frustrations

Anyone much above a certain age will remember the days when trying to find certain forms of insurance in Northern Ireland was, to put it mildly, something of

About Shop Insurance

When in business as a shop owner, dealing with the public on a daily basis you definitely need to have a good comprehensive shop insurance policy. You never

What insurance should you not be without?

When we get an insurance policy, it’s often grudgingly, and monthly payments can seem like a tax. In the event that anything goes wrong, the joy and relief