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How much can you receive from a medical negligence claim?

It may seem that clinical negligence is on the rise; the sad truth is that such negligence has always been present in our healthcare system. It’s only recently that people have been fighting back for rightful compensation. Medical negligence cases […]

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Your Car Insurance and Whiplash Claims

Over the past year, insurance companies have had to pay more money because of the increased number of road traffic accident claims. The most common of these claims

5 useful insurance elements for small businesses

Small and medium sized enterprises are notorious for being underinsured and a lot of this is probably down to a completely reasonable lack of understanding concerning the business

Driving School Insurance Brokers on the Cycling Awareness Test

Cycling popularity in Britain continues to ride in the slipstream of the Olympic Games but as the cyclist death toll increases, more driving tutors are calling for the

When is it possible to make a personal injury claim?

Personal injury covers a broad spectrum of psychological and physical injuries, e.g. slipping while you’re outside and breaking your foot or sustaining injuries from a car accident. This

Getting the Best Deal on Your Insurance

Having recently written off my car I realise how hard it can be to find affordable insurance. Even though I was not at fault for the accident, the