5 Reasons Not to Choose the Best Price in Auto Insurance


When you are shopping for auto insurance, if you’re like most people, your first inclination is to check out prices. After all, victory is found in saving money, right?

This is undeniably true. No one wants a bad deal. However, as we will see, there can be overwhelming advantages to ignoring that “best price” – as quality insurers, long-term savings, and other items come into the mix:

1. It’s Not Actually the Best Price

Some auto insurance comparison shoppers will narrow the field much too soon. Whether they are using a comparison tool online, or multiple quotes at insurers near them, 10 quotes is narrowed down to just two – or even one – after the first look.

Many initial quotes are just that – initial estimates of what a policy would cost. What you may be looking at are mere estimates. Often, you need to give full details to receive what the true premiums would be for you.
Thus, the third-best price may become leader of the pack once the details (along with your preferences and other factors we’ll address) are all considered.

So, don’t do what they’re hoping you’ll do: narrow your options at the start, only to discover that the price is not what you expected– you feel roped in, and just sign to get the process over with.

2. You Get What You Pay For

The old adage reigns true, at times, for televisions, laptops, cars, and yes, even auto insurance.
Take a look around the internet and you’ll find your fair share of bad reviews. While there are many reputable auto insurance companies likely vying for your business, there are also a few bad seeds.

Quality, service, and the “little things” mean a lot when it comes to auto insurance.Does the most competitive company have a good reputation? You may never need their service, but when you do, can you trust the company to deliver for you?

Let’s also consider your finances, should an accident happen. If you opt for lower premiums but a large deductible so that you have to cover more of the cost should you have an accident, could you afford to cover it? Slightly higher premiums might be better than a large credit card bill with high interest rates, should you have to charge your car repair expenses.

3. The Beauty of Auto Insurance Discounts Over Time

It is possible that our previously-reference third-best quote could make a comeback. With a couple of discounts on your policy, such as a security, safe-driver, multi-policy, or loyalty discount, the initial ranking of car insurance premiums could be shuffled.

Some savvy auto insurance shoppers note the long-term implications of a company’s set of discounts. Conceivably, higher-priced option B could surpass option A due to a superior loyalty discount that you’ll see later, or a better family plan for the soon-to-be-drivers in your family.

What’s the point of paying a lower premium today, if that means you can’t take advantage of better discounts over the next two or three or ten years? Planning ahead could save you hundreds or thousands over the life of the policy.

4. The Little Things

What should you do if you really can’t decide? For instance, what is the deal-clincher when the premiums, insurance company reputations, and so on even out?

It could be a strong choice to pick the slightly-more expensive option for some of the little things that you like:
● Easy payment options, such as better flexibility with online payments (as opposed to having to mail in premiums)
● Smartphone app integration
● 24-hour services, as opposed to a local insurer’s hours
● A better “feeling” – from nicer representatives to pure intuition

5. More Protection

No two policies are truly the same. Even when you compare oranges and oranges with auto insurance companies, there are differences present.

It might be full windshield protection. Or one towing service may have lower rates, and/or better customer service. Dig deep into the full policies of the auto insurance quotes, and you might find a few gems upon which to make a decision.

Overall, keep some of these important considerations in mind. Follow through on your auto insurance quote, get the details, research the companies in depth, and then consider your options. There could be a chance that a higher-priced policy is the smartest choice, or that the cheapest one is money down the drain.

Mark Clark is a writer with http://www.SR22InsuranceQuotes.org, it is an insurance website that helps high risk drivers compare the cost of SR22 insurance.

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