Tuesday 19 November 2019

A summary of static caravan insurance

Static caravan insurance is a form of cover that applies to caravans that are more or less permanently based on a site and which cannot, under normal conditions, be moved.

The risks covered will vary depending upon the policy and provider concerned but typically will include:

  • damage due to specified natural events such as storms etc;
  • burglary and related thefts;
  • possibly third party liability in case someone is injured or suffer property damage as a result of your caravan;
  • contents protection (against burglary or natural event damage etc).

Static caravan insurance only applies to static caravans. That distinction may seem clear for most caravan types but, at times, may cause confusion in the case of park homes.

A park home is defined as being a dwelling that is permanently occupied as a normal place of residence. They typically are located on local authority registered park home sites.

By contrast, a static caravan is one that’s occupied only for a few weeks per year and for the purposes of a holiday. It is not a permanently occupied residence.

Some static caravan parks may try to insist upon the use of their own insurance for owners. In most cases, you don’t have to take their static home cover. However, site owners may have the right to insist that you are insured and to be shown evidence that you have such cover. They may also be entitled to charge an administration fee for that, however, the cost savings achieved by using your own insurance may still make it financially worthwhile even if you do have to pay this charge.

Given the size of the typical financial investment involved in a static caravan, taking the time to find suitable static caravan insurance might also be an equally wise investment.


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