Benefits to check for in caravan insurance online

There can be benefits to taking out your caravan insurance online rather than going with one of the providers on the high street. The first of these is that of course you are able to take your time and compare the policy features and benefits as well as check out how much the costs are for insurance. You can also benefit from accessing a wider choice of cover, as well as maybe taking advantage of online discounts too!
Once you are online, what should you think about? Quotes for insurance may vary considerably between providers and if you are lucky, you may be able to get a suitable policy with more benefits for the same cost as a policy which is offering fewer benefits. To help find a suitable deal, here are some of the features you may want to check are included in your caravan insurance policy:

  • Brand new replacement caravan – Having a policy that provides you with a brand new replacement for your caravan in the event that it is written off or stolen may be essential to you if you have a brand new model. Usually the insurance pays to replace your caravan if it is under a certain age at the time of it it being destroyed or stolen. When deciding how much to insure your caravan for also take such as steps and awnings into account along with any security devices you may have installed on your caravan – insurers may offer a discount if you have the latter.
  • Low excess – All caravan insurance protection comes with a certain amount of excess you have to find out of your own pocket in a lump sum in the event of a claim. Some insurance providers may ask for a higher excess than others may so you may want to compare how much the provider asks for when applying for insurance.
  • Awnings – Awnings may cost a considerable amount of money to replace if they become damaged or destroyed. They are generally covered in the insurance policy; however, they may not be covered against damage due to storm.
  • Patios – If you have a patio, decking and/or fencing around your static caravan you may want to check if these are covered in with your static insurance. The exterior of your caravan is often usually covered for damage due to storm and vandalism, aerials are protected, and some providers extend cover to patios whereas others may not.
  • Check the small print – Taking out your caravan insurance online gives you plenty of time to check the small print and summary of any policy you are considering. It is within the small print that you are able to find limitations and exclusions on how much provider’s payout for such as awnings and gas bottles.


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