Wednesday 29 January 2020

Buying Insurance That’s As Individual As You Are

Nearly 60% of Americans rely on private health insurance to take care of their well-being. While there are a variety of providers available to individuals, choosing the right one for your needs, both health-wise and budgetary, can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be.

Buying individual health insurance to meet your individual needs can be simplified if you break your buying experience down to a few basis things to look for.

Paying Attention to Your Present and Foreseeable Future Needs

Obviously, there are certain illnesses and injuries that just cannot be planned for or predicted. But, for the most part, people have a fairly good understanding of their medical needs. Let’s say that you’re planning to start a family and may be getting pregnant during the course of the policy your looking at…you’re going to want to account for that. Things like diabetes, a bad shoulder, a bum knee or even frequent migraines need to go in to your thinking when perusing policies.

Get What You Need and Nothing More

Too often, people go in to getting an individual policy that has all the bells and whistles…but chances are you’re never going to need them. That doesn’t mean that you’re not going to pay for them. A better plan, if you’re a reasonably healthy person, is to get an individual plan that has a higher deductible so that you can keep your bill in line with your budget.

Understand What It’s Going to Run You

It’s no mystery that individual health insurance policies tend to cost more than group policies. It’s important, and this goes along with the idea of buying only what you need, that when you get a policy, you have a solid understanding of what you pay for and what they pay for.

Check Out All Avenues

Don’t limit your Individual health insurance plans search to those companies that are recognizable to you by name. There are a lot of very good insurance companies that can offer you everything you need in a policy but you don’t pay for their advertising, marketing and staffing overhead. The only thing to consider when looking at a smaller provider is to make sure that the physician you desire is covered under your plan.

Know Your Limits

It’s a little known fact that insurance policies, individual or otherwise, tend to have limits on the amount of medical financial assistance you can receive during the course of your policy. This will no longer be a consideration once they get rid of annual dollar limits on policies, which will take effect in 2014.

Practice Buying

Before biting off any individual insurance policy, it’s smart practice to start by doing a test run. Can you talk to someone if you need to? Do they make you wait to get your needs met? Little things that encompass what would be considered the customer service realm might be important to your general well-being and appreciation for the policy down the road.

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