Car insurance N Ireland may be hard to find

If you live in Northern Ireland, you may have found problems when you have applied for your car insurance. Some insurance providers exclude those residing in NI from taking out a policy. It can be very frustrating to find upon reaching the last page of an insurance form that you are excluded simply due to where you live.

To save time on your part you may want to search for your car insurance N Ireland with a specialist car insurance website.

While this may be the easiest way to find motor insurance if you live in Northern Ireland there are also other ways that you may be able help yourself to cut down the car insurance premiums. Here are some tips and ideas you may want to consider.

Third party or fully comprehensive
If you have an older model of car or you are buying a second hand car you may want to consider taking out third party fire and theft insurance as opposed to fully comprehensive. Third party insurance generally works out a great deal cheaper than fully comprehensive but of course; the protection for your own car is limited to fire and theft and to the third party. Fully comprehensive on the other hand typically provides more protection for your vehicle.

Take limited mileage
If you just use the car to run a few errands and pick up the kids from school then you may want to consider limited mileage insurance. With limited mileage insurance, you state a maximum amount of mileage you do not travel over which may help you to save on the cost of the cover.

Pay more in excess

When applying for car insurance N Ireland you are asked to pay a minimum excess towards a claim if one is made. You pay this sum and the insurance company takes over the rest of the claim. You may want to offer to pay more in excess than what the insurance company asks for which may help to save on the cost of your insurance premiums.

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