Caravan and Jardine caravan insurance

If you love caravans you’ll probably want to make sure that yours is adequately covered. You may have been searching hard for broad cover such as Jardine caravan insurance.

Choice is, of course, important.

Your caravan and you are, taken together, a unique combination. You may have a tourer, static or motorhome etc.

How you plan to use it, however, will be something that applies only to you and what that means is that your caravan insurance requirements may not be the same as someone else’s.

Take, for example, a classic tourer.

You may enjoy using it in all parts of the UK but have never felt entirely comfortable about the prospect of taking it abroad. That may, obviously, suggest that caravan insurance providing excellent cover for driving in the EU may not be exactly high on your list of priorities and expectations.

By contrast, perhaps you know someone that enjoys driving overseas and regularly takes their tourer with them on their trips.

Therefore, whether Jardine caravan insurance or another, what that means is that suitable insurance for them may not be suitable for you.

Selecting appropriate caravan cover isn’t always easy because there are a lot of options to choose from:

  • you have, of course, initially got the insurance breakdown by caravan type;
  • then on top of that, one has to consider the patterns of usage as outlined in the continental driving example above.

Understanding that usage is important because it may end up saving you money. So, if you use your static on an approved and registered site, you may find some policies that will be willing to reward that with a discount.

Others may do similarly if you are a member of an owners’ association or keep your annual mileage below a certain level.

What’s important is that your usage and requirements are looked at in totality to try and understand where the suitable options are – whether that’s Jardine caravan insurance or elsewhere.

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