Caravan insurers are not all the same

Caravan insurers do not all offer the same product features and benefits. The most appropriate cover for you will depend upon how closely your usage of your caravan corresponds to the cover on offer. Here are just a couple of examples.

Home and abroad

When it comes taking your tourer or your motorhome outside of the UK, not all caravan insurers may offer the same level of cover. Some may provide:

• cover for the UK only;

• protection while abroad but only for EU countries;

• cover while abroad but only for a limited number of days or miles per year;

• unlimited cover for the UK and elsewhere at an additional cost;

• unlimited cover as standard;

• breakdown and accommodation cover, which could mean that you can continue with your holiday even if your caravan is towed away for repair.

Safety and security

You may take every care you can to help keep your caravan as safe as possible.

This would be perfectly understandable, since you may have a fair bit of money invested in it.

To you, using hitchlocks and wheel clamps to help immobilise your tourer to protect it from being towed away by a thief may just make good sense. Some caravan insurance providers may share this view to the extent that they may actually include it as one of the terms and conditions of their policies

So, when your caravan insurance renewal comes around, it may typically make sense to review what’s on offer rather than just extend your existing cover for another year. Things may have changed significantly since you last looked and you could be missing out on some valuable benefits.

There are caravan insurers online, where you should be able to find something that catches your eye and matches your needs.


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