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Evolution and the Car Insurance Trade – The Trends for 2013

As the new and used car markets experience a sustained spell of growth in the UK, there are positive portents for every industry that is affiliated with the trade. Take the world of automotive insurance, for example, which experiences a […]

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Getting the Best Deal on Your Insurance

Having recently written off my car I realise how hard it can be to find affordable insurance. Even though I was not at fault for the accident, the

Information required for motor insurance quotations

If you are looking for a quotation for motor vehicle insurance, your potential insurance provider may need the following information from you:

• details about you - including things such

Keeping your car costs down

We may all love our cars and possibly see them as a necessity but it is a fair bet that we don't love the costs of running them.


Tips for keeping your car maintenance costs down

Buying a car may be an expensive business and as you may be well aware, the costs don’t just stop at purchase. Apart from the on-going day-to-day costs

Cheap car insurance in Northern Ireland

Here are some top tips to help you think about cheap car insurance in Northern Ireland:

• form your own views about what is cheap - advertisement claims may