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Tailoring haulage insurance to meet business needs

The roads are jam packed with vans and lorries – and almost every vehicle needs some kind of haulage insurance. Haulage insurance is very much a pick and mix product as policies are tailored to the need of each business. […]

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Choosing the right bakery insurance

The right bakery insurance needs some icing on the cake to cover all aspects of the business. Two key factors are quickly repairing or replacing ovens that break down

Guide to Business Insurance for Beginners

We look at the basics of business insurance from buildings and contents to business interruption.

Business Insurance: Need to Know

Homeowners know that buildings and contents insurance are must-haves,

Ways to protect your growing business

It is a good thing when a new business begins to grow, but the owner will need to consider more than just bringing in the money and marketing

Business insurance that knows you are unique and also the same as everyone else

Business insurance needs to be adaptable to the needs of each individual business. A one-size-fits-all approach will not go very far for most people owing to the huge

5 useful insurance elements for small businesses

Small and medium sized enterprises are notorious for being underinsured and a lot of this is probably down to a completely reasonable lack of understanding concerning the business