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Driving School Insurance Brokers on the Cycling Awareness Test

Cycling popularity in Britain continues to ride in the slipstream of the Olympic Games but as the cyclist death toll increases, more driving tutors are calling for the practical test to incorporate a cycle-awareness element – something which the insurance […]

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How much is public liability insurance and is it worth it?

Public liability insurance helps to cover your liability for any damage or loss that you may have done to another person or property whilst you’re at work. So,

About Shop Insurance

When in business as a shop owner, dealing with the public on a daily basis you definitely need to have a good comprehensive shop insurance policy. You never

Good questions to ask when choosing a business insurance broker

As a business in most mediums you are obliged under law to contract a minimum amount of insurance, be it public liability, employee liability, car, property, equipment, etc.

What is Business Insurance?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a multi-national limited company or a small home-based start-up business – your business can be brought to its knees by a claim made

Office Insurance Quote – Why You Should Go Online

There are so many insurance products designed to help you run your business smoothly. Professional indemnity insurance is one fine example that protects you from paying the compensation