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Northern Ireland and past insurance frustrations

Anyone much above a certain age will remember the days when trying to find certain forms of insurance in Northern Ireland was, to put it mildly, something of an endurance test. Even worse, it was a test that you frequently […]

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Taking a road trip in Ireland

There’s a lot to see and do in Ireland and if you have never been before you may find it useful to select one specific area rather than

Insurance quotes in Northern Ireland – avoiding excuses

It is true that for many years, insurance quotes in Northern Ireland were atypical in terms of the realities of life versus those practiced elsewhere. • the times forced

Northern Ireland insurance and your finances

If you’re living a modern life, then there is a fair chance you will have a significant range of financial commitments including things such as a home, a

Northern Ireland insurance quotes

For many people, finding lower prices and/or better value for money, is an important part of daily financial survival. That may apply to Northern Ireland insurance

Northern Ireland, insurance and saving money

In today’s world, trying to reduce our living costs a little may just seem like common sense. Unfortunately, Northern Ireland insurance hasn’t always done its part