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Need a change – Be a taxi driver

Many people become bored of sitting in a stuffy office all day. This is why people now love the opportunity to try something different; like being a taxi driver. The UK transport network is ailing, the train system is horribly […]

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Taxi cab insurance

Running a taxi business can bring you a lot of profit but that profit can be easily lost if you don’t make sure to insure your taxi vehicles.

Appreciating taxi insurance in Northern Ireland

Taxi insurance in Northern Ireland is sometimes regarded as being expensive - and that may lead to a dangerous temptation. Private vehicle insurance If you’re considering using your existing vehicle

Taxi Insurance in the UK

With the number of identities being stolen worldwide, more people are concerned about keeping their personal information safe. If you have taxi insurance in the UK, you

Taxi Insurance Comparison Website

Just a quick heads up that a new taxi insurance comparison website is soon to go live. will over time become a valueable place to compare