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Online competition is great for consumers

In the league of online price comparison sites, competition is stiff. Nowadays, everyone goes online to search for the best deals and for online comparison companies; market domination has become a matter of being the best at finding the best […]

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The fundamentals of furniture insurance

Home ownership brings with it significant responsibilities and yet, because of our particular tenure laws, it is something we make great sacrifices to realize. Once installed in

Five Great Reasons to Use an Independent Insurance Broker

If you’re looking for insurance you will have to choose between using an insurance company or a specialist insurance broker. It’s often easier to find cheaper insurance by

Methodist Insurance Infographic

Methodist Insurance presents Thieves, Fires & Floods

Road rage statistics revealed by ingenie

UK drivers are in denial about road rage, according to black box insurance provider ingenie. The company, which offers car insurance for 17-25s in the UK, found that

Best insurance cover for disabled drivers

People with disabilities often have a far more pressing need for a car than the rest of the population. It can be their only route to obtaining the