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Five Ways to Reduce Your Van Insurance Premium

With the construction industry damaged by the economic downturn, traders and self-employed workers are feeling the pinch more than ever. Keeping insurance rates down is a great start to saving the pennies, so here are five ways to help reduce […]

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Temporary Van Insurance

Van insurance is a legal requirement if you intend on driving on the roads of the UK. This means that you can’t skimp on insurance, even if you

Van Business Insurance to suit you

The law in the United Kingdom states that it is compulsory for you to have a van insurance policy or a van business insurance policy for driving

Ten mistakes commonly made when you insure a truck

The first common mistake that is often made when you insure a truck is to be under insured. Sometimes this is deliberate in an attempt to save money,

Charity Minibus Insurance

Charity minibus are minibuses used by non profit organization like churches, community groups, charity groups so on and so forth. Though theses vehicles are used by companies which

What to look for with specialist van insurance

The reason that you have a van is probably a very different reason why the person down the road has a van, which is probably different from the