Thursday 19 September 2019

Cheap car insurance in Northern Ireland

Here are some top tips to help you think about cheap car insurance in Northern Ireland:

• form your own views about what is cheap – advertisement claims may be fine but they may not tell you anything about the cover provided for the price or its suitability for you. The bottom line is that was is cheap for someone else might not end up being so for you;

• read the terms and conditions carefully – this may sometimes appear to be a fairly tedious prospect but they are important and they might make all the difference to you if you ever need to make a claim;

• think about your own position – sometimes a relatively modest change in some of your behaviours might result in significantly more cost-attractive insurance quotes (e.g. fitting additional security devices to your car);

• take a careful note of any exclusions – closely linked to the terms and conditions mentioned above but worthy of individual consideration, some lower-cost policies may contain significantly more exclusions than you may find desirable;

• be mindful of your obligations under the policy – some policies may place certain obligations on the policyholder if cover is to be maintained and it may be advisable to be clear that you will be able to comply with them as they exist on any individual policy;

• look out for opportunities – some policies may offer the opportunity to reduce your premium considerably by agreeing to accept a higher excess (the amount you will pay towards the total cost of any future claim);

• don’t be too suspicious – in spite of everything said above, there may be no reason to presume that cheap car insurance in Northern Ireland is necessarily compromising on the quality of its cover! Just check to be sure.

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