Cheap Minibus Insurance

Minibuses are a common form of group transport in the United Kingdom today, they’re used by employers, voluntary organisations, schools and many others as a convenient method of transport for small groups. If you’ve got a minibus you’re probably going to have to take out some coverage even if its basic cheap minibus insurance.

Because the purpose of a minibus is to carry passengers (and it doesn’t matter if they’re paying for that privilege or not) insurers require you to take out extra protection because there’s an increased risk of larger liabilities in the event of an accident.

However policies differ in premiums depending on use; a very cheap minibus insurance policy would be for a personal vehicle or for a volunteer organisation and a more expensive policy would be available to a mini bus hire group for example. You’ll need to talk through your requirements for use with an insurance broker to make sure you’re covered properly.
You should also consider the exact level of coverage when it comes to deciding which policy you want to take out on your minibus. You’ll want to compare a few quotes to make sure that in the event of an unfortunate accident you have the right level of cover for repairs and replacement costs to the vehicle, to protect your passengers and other third parties to the incident and also to protect yourself.

If the vehicle is being used professionally you may want extended liability insurance in case an accident causes damage to an employee or their personal effects, or for your tools and equipment that you may be transporting and of course in the worst case scenario if you do damage to a client or their property. Legal fees and compensation costs can run into thousands of pounds, and if you don’t have adequate insurance you’ll be left to pay the bill yourself (or your company will).

So while cheap minibus insurance is always an option, it could be beneficial in the long run to consider higher levels of coverage that offer you and your business peace of mind in the event of an accident.

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