Tuesday 19 November 2019

Check out what caravan insurers offer before rushing into buying

There are generally two main types of caravan insurance, static and touring insurance. When looking for insurance it is essential to check out what caravan insurers offer in their cover, before rushing into buying the policy. While generally, insurance providers offer similar or the same benefits you may get more for your money with some providers than others.

Main features and benefits you may find in caravan cover
Those who have a brand new caravan may appreciate new for old cover in their insurance policy. New for old insurance brings enormous security and peace of mind for the first few years of owing your caravan. If anything were to happen to your caravan during this time, such as it being written off or stolen and not recovered you get a brand new replacement. Insurance providers generally only supply a brand new replacement within a certain amount of time, usually around 5 years; however, you may want to check with the provider before taking out your insurance.

Insurance providers may include cover for your personal possessions and such as steps, gas bottles and awnings. There is always a limit as to how much you are able to claim on the policy in the event that you lose everything so again you may want to look at the limits in the cover to find this out before buying. Also, check what you are covered against and what exclusions may apply. For instance, your awning is in most cases covered in the policy but generally, it is not insured for storm damage. If you have a static caravan and have a patio, decking and fencing around it, you may also want to check to find out if your insurance extends to these.

When looking into what caravan insurers offer you may want to check how much you are asked to pay in excess. You pay this amount out of your own pocket towards any claim you make. This amount may vary greatly between providers and of course the higher the amount of excess, the more you are out of pocket in the event of a claim. That being said, if you opt to pay a higher excess at the time of applying for cover, you may get a small discount.


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