Compare caravan insurance – what to look for in a policy

When looking for caravan insurance, just as with any form of insurance, it may pay if you shop around and compare policies. There are several factors you may wish to take into account as you compare caravan insurance; there is the cost of the policy of course. However, more importantly perhaps is what you actually get for the premiums. While caravan insurance providers may offer the same benefits, some provide more than others do for the same cost.

What you get in your caravan insurance of course depends on the type of caravan insurance you have chosen to take based on your needs. There are typically four different types of insurance to choose from and these are:

  • touring,
  • static,
  • motorhome, or
  • trailer tent insurance.

The majority of caravan insurance policies typically cover theft, accidental damage and damage resulting due to storm. Usually if your caravan is under a certain age the policy provides you with a brand new replacement if it stolen or damaged beyond repair. Your belongings may be covered to provide new for old replacements or wear and tear may be taken into account. If you take cover that provides brand new replacements then of course this may work out more expensive than if depreciation were taken into account.

Normally such things as awnings and steps are included in the insurance policy but the provider may put a limit on the amount of a claim. When considering your awning you may want to ensure that this is covered for storm damage too. Awnings may cost a great deal of money if they have to be replaced and of course, they are at risk of being damaged from the elements such as high winds.

You may also want to ensure that your touring caravan insurance policy supplies money towards a stay in alternative accommodation if your caravan were to become damaged whilst touring or it was stolen. Usually insurance providers pay so much per day towards you staying in alternative accommodation and these amounts may vary with providers.

Finally, when you compare caravan insurance for your touring model and you are a frequent traveller to Europe you may want to check how many days European cover is included in your caravan insurance. Some providers offer more than others do for the same in premiums.


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