Compare insurance on Northern Ireland websites

Not so very long ago, Northern Ireland residents who looked for insurance on price-comparison websites were likely to be in for a fairly dispiriting time. They’d fill in the details of the insurance cover they needed, click on the “get a quote” button to complete the enquiry and only then discover that the policy in which they were interested was simply not available for residents of the Province. These days, however, it has become possible to compare insurance for Northern Ireland residents in just the same way as the rest of the UK.

The exclusion of residents in this part of the world from enjoying the benefits of online shopping for insurance came about because of insurers’ perceived risk of extending cover for those living in the “troubled” North of Ireland. Insurers took the view that bombings, street fires etc were no environment in which to cover risks.

Things have changed these days, of course, and the Province has returned to a welcome state of peace and stability – it is a place where insurers are once again keen to do business. Indeed, in their eagerness to make the most of this rediscovered market, most insurers are also using making full use of probably the single most important contemporary marketing tool, the internet.

Across the whole range of different insurance products, it is now possible not only to search online, but to get immediate quotes for whatever the cover in which you are interested, allowing you to compare insurance for Northern Ireland cover.

Nowadays, therefore, when you go online to compare insurance in Northern Ireland, you’re unlikely to find that cover is unavailable simply because of where in the UK you happen to live. Across the whole board of insurance – from motor insurance, to home insurance, health insurance and even pet insurance – there is almost certain to be a website to help you find just the product (or products) you need.

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