Convictions Home Insurance for Ex Offenders

Home contents insurance is essential for every omeowners as it covers you against any unexpected loss or damage to your property or belongings and it is a conition of your mortgage that ou maintain buildings insurance.

However, when it comes to insurance cover for those with criminal convictions, many insurance companies will decline a policy altogether. Regardless of the severity of your crime or how much time has passed since it was committed, anyone with a conviction is likely to run into difficulties when looking for good value insurance for their home buildings or contents.

You must inform a prospective or current insurer if you or any resident mamber of the family as an unspent conviction, don’t wait to be asked as it is your duty to disclose so as not to invalidate any home insurance policy from inception. So don’t be mislead on websites hat don’t mention convictions home insurance cover.
When insurance companies set their premiums they have to make an assessment of how risky they consider the applicant to be in order to set the right price. In general, those considered to present a greater risk will pay a higher premium to compensate the insurer for the perceived higher probability that a claim will be made. For simplicity, some insurance companies will simply decide not to provide cover to anyone that has had a criminal conviction of any kind. This means that even once you have fully paid your debt to society, you may not always be treated as an equal when it
comes to insurance. What’s more, off those insurers that will cover you, many will charge prohibitively high premiums, again to cover the perceived higher risk.

Despite the possible obstacles, if you are a former criminal offender, don’t despair: there are in fact many specialist insurance brokers that can help you find good quality home insurance cover at an affordable price. These companies offer tailored professional advice to almost all ex-offenders to
help them find the right cover for their home. A quick search online should uncover a range of expert advisors waiting to assist you in putting your past behind you and protecting your home against any unforeseen mishaps in the future.

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