Do you need short-term caravan insurance?

As the name of the policy may suggest, short-term caravan insurance is taken out only for a short term. This is not to say that if you own a caravan you are able to take out this form of insurance for only a short period. As of course, this may be unwise as something may happen to your caravan after the insurance stops. This type of insurance is useful however if you were to say, borrow a caravan or if you were hiring one.

If you are lucky enough to be able to borrow a friend’s caravan, you need to have insurance for the caravan while it is in your possession to safeguard against the unknown. So how does short-term caravan insurance work? Here are some facts about this type of policy. Do note that policy features and benefits can vary among caravan insurance providers, so always read the small print to ensure that the caravan cover is suitable for your needs:

  • when taking out a short term policy you are typically able to take it out for protection for anything from one day, typically up to a maximum of one month;
  • short-term insurance for caravans may be limited by the insurance provider annually to stop individuals using it instead of a typical caravan insurance policy. For instance the provider may state a maximum number of days or the amount of times per year;
  • usually in order to be eligible to take out caravan insurance over the short-term, the individual applying for the policy must be over a certain age and this varies among providers.

There are providers of short-term caravan insurance online, so if you are looking for suitable cover, these specialist caravan cover websites may well worth be taking a look at.

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