Wednesday 20 November 2019

Finding a caravan insurance Northern Ireland policy

Residents of Northern Ireland may sometimes struggle to find insurance as they are often dismissed by the provider simply due to where they live. If you are looking for a caravan insurance in Northern Ireland policy, you may wish to base your search online with a specialist caravan insurance website.

So, what do you need to consider when choosing your caravan cover?

Caravan security and theft
One of the main factors that insurance providers worry about is theft. This may be of your belongings, contents or your caravan itself. Therefore, you may want to consider the security features of your caravan. Your touring caravan is of course at greater risk of being stolen than a static caravan. However, both are at risk when it comes to the contents and your belongings.

Your policy may payout for a brand new caravan if it meets the criteria set out by the insurance provider. Usually this means the caravan is under a certain age.

Do note that the insurance provider usually expects you to have taken security measures such as installing a hitchlock to help prevent theft when your caravan is hitched to your vehicle. They may also require you to use a hitchlock and a wheel clamp when it is detached from your car.

New for old protection
Contents may be insured on a new for old basis and this typically means that if you are the victim of theft and have met the criteria set out by the provider, they value the stolen items as brand new and this is the amount you may get back, less any policy excess of course. However always check in the summary of the policy to find out what exclusions and limitations may apply.

Protection against liability claims
When looking for a caravan insurance Northern Ireland policy, if you rent out your caravan to others, check what liability insurance is included within the cover. Liability protection is there in case a third party such as a holidaymaker suffered an accident or even death while staying in your caravan. Providers typically offer up to so much liability insurance which may help pay towards any legal costs or compensation claims.

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