Thursday 19 September 2019

For car insurance, Northern Ireland now offers you choice

Almost everyone enjoys having choice when they’re considering a purchase. For car insurance, Northern Ireland is becoming increasingly capable of offering that choice to potential policyholders.

  • The old days of having little or no choice for car insurance here are increasingly being consigned to history. It’s not perfect yet or comparable to the mainland UK but things are changing fast and choice is increasing.
  • As choice and competition is increasing, you may find that prices are reducing – though that assumes you are making the effort to exercise your choice.
  • Although larger numbers of insurers are now again offering their products in Northern Ireland, it has to be admitted that it’s not the norm for many others.
  • That means that finding those that do is something of a slog through lots of individual web sites – unless you take steps to shortcut the search. That’s possible because there are web sites that contain contact lists of insurers that are offering their car insurance products into Northern Ireland.
  • If you are looking for car insurance, Northern Ireland is no different to other places in that you may typically be able to help reduce your premium by taking a few steps including:
    • not parking your vehicle on a public road when parked up overnight;
    • using additional approved security devices or fitting trackers etc;
    • avoiding customising your engine or changing it for more powerful versions;
    • avoiding inexperienced drivers on your policy;
    • keeping your licence and those of other insured drivers, free of motoring convictions.

Having access to lists of insurance providers should make it easier for you to access choice and choice typically equates to a higher probability of finding suitable deals and suitable prices.

So, for car insurance, Northern Ireland is becoming easier. A little effort and a determination to do something different to your normal practice may result in you improving your cover and/or reducing your costs.


  1. tricker1957 says:

    This is the Northern Ireland people should know about, not our horrible past.

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. myacidsmiles says:

    the fact is northern ireland wuz once rich with minerals to mine, britain raped it and now has no use for it and would absolutely LOVE to give it back to ireland but the problem is there's so many protestants living there now and pledging their allegiance to the queen that the tables would just be reversed should the irish republic take over. u would have coffee shops in dublin, cork and limerick gettin bombed.

  4. Graham I says:

    Just to put the record straight.
    Ireland is composed of 32 counties, 26 in Eire and 6 in NI.
    However Ireland also has 4 provinces;Leinster, Munster,Connaught and Ulster.
    Ulster has 9 counties so it is not correct to refer to NI as Ulster although it is part of Ulster.

    Likewise as the most northern part of Ireland is in Eire, it is not correct to refer to the 6 counties as Northern Ireland.

    So what can we correctly call it? North East Ireland?

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  7. toxicgolfer1994 says:

    He's from Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom. Not the Republic of Ireland…

  8. Conall McDevitt says:

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  9. paddymacinblack says:

    Can't believe this march has been stopped. To distance it from sectarian causes then stop it for the current state of affairs in Northern Ireland contradicts everything the organisers have said for the last 30 years. This was a commemorative march for a man that did a lot for the working class man all over the world. Someone with the know how should do everything they can to get this march back on the callander.

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  11. ChloeCaoimhe says:

    still my point is right Northern ireland has always been british

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