Thursday 19 September 2019

Holiday caravan insurance – Finding suitable cover

Holiday caravan insurance is essential and there are many different features in a policy that you would have to check were included in any cover you were considering taking out. You would also have to bear in mind whether you were going to rent out the caravan to other holiday makers as opposed to just using it yourself.

You would first have to decide what type of caravan insurance you needed. This would in some part depend on the type of caravan you had or were considering buying. If you have a brand new caravan or it cost over a certain amount then you would have no other option but to take out fully comprehensive insurance. This would provide you with the most cover as the name would suggest, but it is the dearest option for insuring your caravan. If your caravan was an older model or you were buying a second hand model then you could consider taking out third party fire and theft insurance. This would provide insurance for your caravan by way of fire and theft and is a cheaper form of insurance.

One of the features of any holiday caravan insurance policy you were considering would be European cover if you wanted to travel outside of the UK with your caravan. European cover is often included in the majority of fully comprehensive caravan insurance but there could be limits as to how many days you would be protected. This form of cover is essential as without it you would have to pay out of your own pocket for any repairs, recovery and alternative accommodation.

Of course as you will be spending a great deal of time in your caravan you would also need to ensure that your personal belongings would be protected. Usually there would be a limit as to the amount you would be able to claim for any one item and this can differ between providers. You would have to set a limit when insuring your personal belongings just as you would when you take out home contents cover in your home. This would be the amount you were paid back if the worst come to the worst and you lost everything in a fire. Also check to find out if the insurance paid back new for old. This means that you would be able to buy new items at the cost they are today to replace your old ones.

If you are looking for caravan insurance for your holiday caravan and you rent out your caravan then you would need to check the cover to find out if you would be protected for a loss of rental income if you were unable to rent while the caravan was being repaired. If not you can then lose out on a great deal of money.
Finally always check out the terms and conditions of any holiday caravan insurance you were considering. Ensure that you read the key facts document that comes with insurance and that you are comparing like for like insurance.


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