How you could get the best caravan insurance

There are many factors you can take into account to ensure that you get the best caravan insurance premiums possible when looking for cover. However while you would of course like to get the cheapest premiums possible it is also essential that you do take out the correct insurance for your needs.

With this in mind it is a good idea to sit down and actually work out what you want to protect and what you do not need in the cover. For instances if you have a brand new caravan then it would make sense to take out a fully comprehensive policy as this would provide you with the most insurance for your caravan which would include your personal belongings. However if you have or are buying a second hand model then you could look at taking out third party fire and theft insurance which is the cheapest type of insurance for your caravan but provided minimal cover for your own caravan.

In order to get the best caravan insurance you would also have to take into account what you use your caravan for. If you only use it for a couple of weeks out of the year then you might not need a full featured policy which would boost up the cost of the insurance. However if you tour around Europe then you would for example need to ensure that you have European cover included in with the insurance and check for how many days you would be protected.

If your caravan is parked on site and you rent it out then you could also check the policy to ensure that you would be protected in the event your caravan was unusable which means you would not be able to rent it out and so could lose money.

To keep the cost of caravan insurance down you can boost up the amount of excess that you would have to payout if you should need to make a claim on the insurance. By offering to pay out more in excess you could keep down the cost of the insurance but you would have to take into consideration that the sum of money you choose to pay in excess would have to be paid as a lump sum out of your own pocket. Also take into account that if you had to make more than one claim in any one year you would probably also lose out.

Ensuring your caravan is hard to steal or damage is a great way to make savings on your caravan insurance. You could fit such things as door and window locks and a smoke alarm and all of these things will go towards ensuring that you premiums remain as cheap as possible.

If you join a caravan club this can also be one of the best ways to get the best caravan insurance for your needs. Many times members of clubs get special deals on their insurance and along with this you have access to a network of other caravan enthusiasts who will be able to supply you with hints and tips on all aspects of your caravan and what to look for when taking out insurance.


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