Tuesday 19 November 2019

Insurance companies in Ireland – choices for insurance

Shopping on the high street with insurance companies in Ireland is fine, but often this might not be the best way to get access to the most competitive premiums around. Some insurance providers offer what seems to be great deals on their policies, with big savings, however often if you live in NI you are exempt from applying. In some cases, you do not find this out until you have wading through to the end of a very lengthy insurance form. Individuals often come across this based on the many years of unrest that occurred in Northern Ireland during troubled times. While times have changed for the better, insurance providers often fail to notice this, which leaves residents of NI struggling to find cover.

There are insurance brokers online who specifically find the best deals for those living in Northern Ireland and this is where you may be able to get the best deal and get access to competitive quotes on your insurance policy. Whether you are looking for car, caravan, motorbike or home insurance, and live in NI, there are ways that you may be able to help yourself save money on your insurance policy.

Insurance companies in Ireland, as do any providers, ask that you pay out a certain amount of excess. This is what you are expected to find out of your own pocket in the event of you having to make a claim on the policy. While there is always a minimum amount that you have to pay, by offering to pay more you may be able to keep down the cost of the premiums for the policy. You may also want to consider boosting up the security of your vehicle or home in order to keep down the cost of the insurance. Choosing to install security measures such as alarms, window and door locks, steering locks or an immobiliser all go towards you making savings on the cost of your insurance.


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