Insurance quotes, Northern Ireland and changing times

There was a time when for insurance quotes, Northern Ireland was something akin to a desert. The background circumstances of the times meant that choice was extremely limited or even, in some cases, non-existent.

The 21st century world

Things change though and one area where the background changes in Northern Ireland are generating real benefits is motor vehicle insurance.

There is now ever-increasing choice due to the fact that insurers are now moving back in numbers to the Northern Ireland insurance marketplace.

Insurance quotes, Northern Ireland and the need for checking

Having a significant number of quotations available may still be a relatively novel experience for many drivers in Northern Ireland.

It’s very easy to become entirely focused on looking at the ticket price of the policies concerned. However, there may be a few other things to keep in mind:

  • the price, in itself, may not provide an indication as to the suitability of the cover provided by the policy – it is necessary to read carefully the details of the quotation plus any supporting policy documentation provided by the potential insurer;
  • there is typically a significant difference between a quotation and an estimate – once you have provided your full details, the final price you’re asked to pay may be higher than the initial ’headline’ estimate;
  • it is worth paying particular attention to the terms and conditions, as these typically play a significant part in deciding whether or not any future claim is accepted or rejected – ignore them at your peril;
  • it is sometimes possible to reduce your premium by significant amounts by adopting certain practices that may be rewarded with discounts from the insurer – policies may differ in the scope they provide for this.

For insurance quotes, Northern Ireland is becoming an increasingly competitive environment. This may be a real opportunity for drivers.


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  2. sunflower says:

    i have family in Northern ireland, and their Catholics, they say the "free state"
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    That said, even your explanation is confusing. You start by saying the UK was united as one country, but then say Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are "constituent countries" of the UK. To me countries are independent so unless the UK is analogous to the EU (which as far as I'm aware it isn't) the UK […]

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