Thursday 19 September 2019

Learn how to make van insurance Northern Ireland savings

If you were looking for van insurance Northern Ireland ten or so years ago then simply finding insurance for affordable cost could have been a nightmare. This was mainly due to the fact that there was widespread unrest in Northern Ireland which included stealing cars, joyriding and then setting them alight and using them to form burning barricades. Now thankfully times are better in Northern Ireland and they usually see no more problems with joyriding then the rest of the world. Therefore it is now possible for those living in Northern Ireland to make savings and benefit from them just as the rest of us does.

One of the best ways to make some of the biggest savings on van insurance Northern Ireland is to consider paying our more in excess. All insurance providers will state a minimum amount of excess that you have to pay as standard when taking out insurance for your van. The excess is the amount of money that you would need to find out of your own pocket as a lump sum payment before the insurance company would kick in and pay the rest of the claim. While you can reduce the cost of the insurance premiums when offering to pay a higher excess you would have to take into account that if you should have to make more than one claim on the insurance in any one year you could very well lose out.

You can also make savings on the insurance if you payout for security for your car. Simply by installing a steering wheel lock on your van you can keep down the cost of your insurance. If you were to payout for such devices as an immobilizer or a tracking device then you might be able to make even more savings. Of course where you park your van will also be taken into account when it comes to safety. If you leave your van on the side of the road then you could expect to pay more for your van insurance then if you keep your van in a garage under lock and key. While you cannot move home where you live will also be taken into account. Some postcards areas will command a higher premium than others.

When looking to buy a new van always take insurance into account as the size of the van will reflect on how much you could expect to pay for insurance. A van with a larger size engine will of course cost more to insure than a smaller one. Another advantage to buying a smaller van is that they are more economical to run.

Finally when considering van insurance Northern Ireland you have to take onto the type of insurance. If you have bought a top of the range brand new van straight off the forecourt then you would have no option but to take out fully comprehensive van insurance. However if you have are buying a second hand model then you could give some thought to taking out third party fire and theft.


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