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Car insurance in Northern Ireland was in the past very hard to find. Individuals were limited to the providers on the high street who could charge virtually what they wanted for insurance as there was very little competition. This has now changed thankfully with specialist websites offering information that allows you to shop around online and get your insurance this way to make huge savings.

Of course when you look for car insurance in Northern Ireland online you do not only get competitive quotes but also get access to information that can help you to save even more on the cost of the premiums. To help you get started on the many ways that you can save on the cost of the premiums here are just a few ideas to take into consideration when looking for your insurance.

The first consideration you should take into account is even before you buy your car. It is all well and good picturing yourself driving around in one of the top of the range convertibles but if you check out the cost of the insurance, you could find it well out of your reach. Therefore take into consideration this fact before you go taking out a large bank loan to buy a car you will struggle to be able to insure. More sedate family cars are not only cheaper to insure but also to run and can be a lot more practical all-round.

Another way you can shave money off the amount you pay for your car insurance is to offer to payout a higher excess for the insurance. All insurance providers, even those offering car insurance in Northern Ireland, state a minimum amount you have to payout before they take over with the rest of the claim. By offering to pay a higher amount the premiums will come down but you do need to remember that you would have to find this amount out of your own pocket as a lump sum if you do have to make a claim.

If you payout and install security measures on the car then you can save on the insurance as the safer the car is the cheaper the premiums are. A car alarm at least can cut down the cost of the insurance, other devices you could consider include an immobiliser, tracking device and steering wheel lock. The money you save from the insurance premiums each year will allow you to recoup what you have paid out.

Check out car insurance in Northern Ireland on the web and you can compare the cost of insurance with some of the leading car insurance providers and get the best policy for needs. Of course you would have to decide first of all what type of insurance would be the most suitable. Third party fire and theft is one of the cheapest types, however it would provide little protection for your vehicle. Fully comprehensive is the dearest but it does provide the most protection for your vehicle along with the third party. If buying a new car off the forecourt then fully comprehensive would be a wise choice. If buying a second hand car third party fire and theft could adequate.


  1. ShinjiIkari says:

    #13: Paint himself green, change his name to Becko, and sell car insurance.

  2. MatthewGen1 says:

    I cant believe that this news channel is describing Newry as a dissident republician city, as we are not. Over the years, Northern Ireland has become united by the peace process

  3. mindflux303 says:

    Its actually 'The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland'
    Great Britain being made up of England, Scotland and Wales.

    If Scotland became independent it would still be called the same thing.
    Maybe 'The United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Scotland'
    But as a Scot, I don't think those who want independence want a change of name, merely a change of rulership.

    Remember it was United through a Monarchy, hence the 'Kingdom'. Change in parliament wouldn't change the Monarch.

  4. meilee44 says:

    Temporary One week car insurance for £30 (UK and Ireland)

  5. R.O.C.K._Team_Militia says:

    what beats me is that if terrorists were really looking for soft targets, they would have already attacked airport lobbies, streets, or government offices. they don’t need airplanes to do anything. are there such things as terrorists? yes but you are more likely to be killed by a car then you are a terrorist. the Irish Republican Army is considered a terrorist organization but they are right because Northern Ireland does belong to Ireland. thats my 2 cents.

  6. Reality has a Liberal Bias says:

    Since Liberals do not use the "you gotta buy car insurance" argument to defend Health Care reform, the question is moot.

  7. BridgetteBane says:

    It honestly depends on too many factors to guess. My insurance, same company, has moved from $565 to $495 to $655 just based on where I live. What I really support is getting renters or homeowners insurance under the same company as your car insurance. My renters is $125 a year (it was onnly $60 when I lived in a smaller city, mind you) but it’s saving me $42 a month on my car insurance, so it is more than paying for itself. Frugal!

  8. Lundahlium says:

    That was one of the greatest nights of my life. I had been attending Northern Ireland matches for over 10 yrs had had sat through some pretty miserable games, but it all finally seemed worth it that night, GOOD TIMES NEVER SEEMED SO GOOD!!!

  9. oneview.com | new tags: &quote; says:

    New Listing: FAIRLINE Phantom 43AC, 1998, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, £173,950

  10. TheSeaMyst says:

    Anyone have an increase in car insurance this year, 2010? Even with a good record and same insurance company for years? We have Allstate around 20 years, nothing on our record. Raised our car insurance 25 percent, they said everybody’s went up. What? In this economy? Now Paying 450 bucks for 6 months on two cars that are 1995 and 1997. Liability. 100 deductible. We are in our late 40’s live in California.

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