Making savings on motor caravan insurance

One of the easiest ways to save on the cost of your motor caravan insurance is to go online and compare quotes with some of the leading insurance providers in the UK. However before you can get your quotes for insurance you will have to decide what type of insurance you need. If you have a brand new motor caravan then you could be better off choosing fully comprehensive insurance as this will provide the most protection for your caravan. Third party fire and theft can be considered if you have a bought a second hand caravan and want just the most basic of protection.

A fully comprehensive motor caravan insurance policy would protect you against such as damage caused by fire, theft, vandalism, storm damage and would payout for repairs to both your own caravan and the third party involved in an accident. This insurance would payout for the caravan itself and any fittings and fixtures such as steps and awnings and also any personal belongings in the caravan. While the policy will payout if you should lose your belongings due to one of the events covered, there will usually be a limit as to how much the policy would payout.

Windscreen damage is usually limited to a maximum payout. You would also need to check to find out what exclusions apply. For example items of particular value might not be covered so you would need to check before taking on the policy and this can differ greatly between providers.

These are just some of the most common features of a fully comprehensive motor caravan insurance policy and the provider can add in many more. For instance if you travel around in your motor caravan a great deal of time and you plan on travelling around Europe then check to ensure that there is European cover included in the policy. Usually the policy will cover you for travelling up to a specific amount of days around Europe and should be considered essential. However the policy can cost more so if you do not need this protection look around for a policy without European cover included as standard.

There are many things you can do to help yourself keep down the cost of your motor caravan insurance. Every policy will state a minimum amount of excess you would have to payout in the event you made a claim on the insurance. If you offer to payout more in excess you can save on the cost of the insurance. However if you need to make a claim on the insurance you would have to find the excess out of your own pocket as a lump sum payment before the insurance company would pay the rest of the claim.

Installing security features on your motor caravan will also help to keep the cost of the insurance down as this makes it harder to steal the caravan. Choosing to install such as door and window locks, an immobiliser or a tracking device on the motor caravan can all help you to make savings.

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