Tuesday 19 November 2019

Motorcycle insurance, Northern Ireland and saving money

Yes, it is possible to talk about motorcycle insurance, Northern Ireland and saving money, all in one article!

Of course, for car and motorcycle insurance, Northern Ireland historically was something of a challenge to say the least. Difficult to find, when you did obtain cover it was sometimes eye-wateringly expensive.

One of the big reasons for this was the history that had led to many insurers no longer offering their products in Northern Ireland due to their perceptions of high risk.

The really good news is that things are now changing rapidly and there are internet sites that provide access to multiple insurance companies that are now offering their products once again in Northern Ireland.

Using the sites may save you a significant amount of time because although things are improving quickly, it remains the case that many major insurers are still not operating here – and that can make searching a little tedious.

Don’t forget that if you are looking for motorbike insurance, Northern Ireland, as elsewhere, utilises certain basic insurance assumptions in terms of setting price levels.

These may be very familiar to you but they may not, so it is perhaps worth briefly summarising some of them here:

  • very big and powerful motorcycles will typically be more expensive to insure than their smaller and more modest cousins;
  • younger and more inexperienced motorcyclists plus big powerful bikes may prove to be a very expensive combination (in fact, some insurers may have strict minimum age requirements depending on the CC level of the machine concerned);
  • you may be able to find discounts on premiums if you have completed a recognised advanced motorcyclists course;
  • keeping your licence clean may be very important if you wish to avoid paying higher levels of premium.

All of these steps, plus a few others, may help you discover that motorcycle insurance, Northern Ireland and cost-effective premiums, are not incompatible concepts!


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  2. lalynnz says:

    im an american, and i lived in northern ireland for a while…LOVED IT!! i want to move back and this video just reminds me of all the good times i had there 🙂

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    Q: Why isn’t Labour offering a credible alternative in Northern Ireland?

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  9. Irish Sun says:

    The cost of policing parades and public disturbances in Northern Ireland is almost £6m pounds in five months, the Policing Board has been told.

  10. leeham991 says:

    U.K: all of the above plus Northern Ireland and other islands.

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