Reading your caravan insurance policy

Reading through your caravan insurance policy to familiarise yourself with the detail of your cover may be advisable. This to satisfy yourself that not only do you understand just what is and is not covered but are also fully aware of any measures that your policy may expect you to undertake to help ensure the safety of your caravan.

These may include:

• as the owner of a touring caravan, you may be required to use a wheel clamp when your caravan is unattended but still attached to the towing vehicle – when not attached to your car you may have to fit a hitchlock as well;

• whatever type of caravan you have, you may appreciate the extra space that your awning may provide for you, though you may wish to bear in mind that any contents you keep there may be excluded from cover;

• your awning itself may also only be covered for damage if you are in your caravan during the period it actually occurs – so stowing it away when you leave your caravan may be a sensible safety precaution;

• policies may differ in the cover provided, as standard, for continental cover and this is something that you may wish to check out to ensure that there is sufficient provision of both days and miles if you plan a trip over the Channel;

• frost and water may cause significant damage to your caravan, so your policy may stipulate that if you are not using the caravan and particularly over the winter period, water and heating systems may have to be drained down;

• reading through your policy may also provide you with information you may need that may help you to save a little on your premiums, such as by using a tracking device on your tourer or if you have a static caravan, by using a site that is free from the risks of flooding;

• your caravan insurance policy may not offer you the best read of the year but it might be one of the more useful!

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