Saving on touring caravan insurance

If you are looking out for touring caravan insurance then you may be keen to find a product that makes sense for you both in terms of the cover provided but also, importantly, in terms of price.

There are, however, a number of ways you may be able to influence the price of your touring caravan insurance premium without necessarily increasing levels of risk.

From an insurance point of view anything that helps reduce risk may help towards keeping premium prices just that little bit lower.

Some possible examples might include the following.

  • limit the number of insured drivers for your tourer and try to avoid letting younger drivers tow your caravan;
  • try to be as accurate as possible in estimating non-UK driving – don’t pay for cover you don’t actually need;
  • fit approved alarms and tracking devices – these steps can help reduce the risks of your caravan being stolen or may help make it easier to find again;
  • join a caravan club – this is typically regarded as a sign of a serious and responsible caravanner. These clubs are also useful repositories of tips and information which can be shared and which may help avoid people making the same mistakes twice.

Also, insurers are keen to reduce risk to your caravan since this should result in fewer claims for them. You may therefore find that some policies may require certain security measures to be taken, such as the use of hitchlocks and wheel clamps if your caravan is left unattended.

Keeping your tourer as safe and risk free as possible may be your number one priority and you may not be keen to skimp on your touring caravan insurance. You may find though that there are some discounts around – if you know where to look!

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