Static caravan insurance options

If your static caravan insurance is coming up for renewal, then finding the most appropriate cover may, understandably, be fairly high on your priority list.

Matching available policies against your requirements may be an obvious place to start but it may be worth remembering that different policies may also carry terms and conditions that may or may not suit you – and that discounts may be available in some situations.

These could include things like:

• belonging to a recognised caravan club may be seen by some static caravan insurance providers, as a sign that you are a mature and responsible caravanner and therefore perhaps more likely to stay claim free – discounted premiums may be available;

• one of the highest risk factors for static caravans is flooding, so if you opt to locate your static on a flood free site, you may find that premiums may be a bit lower to reflect your use of a safer location;

• if your static is damaged beyond the point where it makes sense to repair it then you may typically find that, provided it is under a certain age it can be replaced by a new caravan of the same make and model (provided you have the original purchase receipt). Insurance cover for older statics may typically operate on a market value replacement basis. Different policies may use a different age thresholds;

• your site owner may try and give the impression that you are somehow obliged to purchase your static caravan insurance cover from them. While they may understandably need to see proof of your cover (particularly of public liability) typically they have no right to dictate where and from whom your buy it. You may find that even if they charge an administration fee to process your own insurance, your privately sourced static caravan insurance policy may still work out to be more cost effective.

static caravan insurance

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