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Static caravan insurance options

If your static caravan insurance is coming up for renewal, then finding the most appropriate cover may, understandably, be fairly high on your priority list. Matching available policies against your requirements may be an obvious place to start but it […]

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Compare caravan insurance: Policy differences between static and touring caravans

Touring caravans and static caravans have completely different purposes so it makes sense that the insurance policies that cover them are different, too, and as with any insurance

Static caravan insurance features

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  • If you use your static caravan purely for an occasional holiday,

A summary of static caravan insurance

Static caravan insurance is a form of cover that applies to caravans that are more or less permanently based on a site and which cannot, under normal conditions,

Things to consider when taking out static caravan insurance

If you have a static caravan then you need to find static caravan insurance to cover it. This type of insurance provides different cover than you would need

What to look for in static caravan insurance

When you have a static caravan and it is your holiday home then you should consider taking out a fully comprehensive static caravan insurance policy. Your site manager