Tailoring haulage insurance to meet business needs

The roads are jam packed with vans and lorries – and almost every vehicle needs some kind of haulage insurance.

Haulage insurance is very much a pick and mix product as policies are tailored to the need of each business.

A sole trader white van man needs much different cover from a fleet of 44 ton lorries shifting loads around Europe.

That’s why one of the first steps in choosing the right haulage insurance is often speaking to a specialist broker.

Not only do haulage contractors have to consider general business insurance, like public and employer liability, buildings cover and vehicle protection, but they have to think about other specific needs as well.

Goods in transit cover is paramount for any haulage business shifting loads for customers, as vehicles are protected if they are involved in an accident or stolen, but often the loads are not – and their value can soon outstrip the cost of a vehicle.

Haulage insurance also has to cover needs like service vehicles, replacement vehicles and theft of fuel.

Even who drives is important, as any driver versus named driver insurance needs to be thought through to keep costs down.

For haulage insurance cover for vehicles travelling around Europe, the different policy requirements in each country passed through have to be considered, not just the rules in the UK and the destination country.

With all these points to keep in mind, calling on the services of a professional broker experienced in commercial vehicles and haulage can take away a lot of the time and stress involved in putting together a batch of suitable quotes.

Discussing whether some expensive add-ons are really necessary in a bid to keep costs down is also something a skilled broker can help with.

Cover might not come cheap, but the important factor for any haulage business is keeping vehicles on the road and earning money.

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