The importance of high value house insurance

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If you have a high value property, don’t just assume you can cover it with a standard house insurance policy. It might not adequately fulfil your needs. If your home is worth more than £400,000 and you have possessions valued between £80,000 and £100,000, you should make sure you have high value house insurance in place.

Cover for any potential damage to the property

Sometimes considering the size of high value homes it can be quite difficult making sure they’re in the best shape. Most builders and tradesman may not have the practice working on high value residences, and when they do, it’s likely they’ll want to charge a high price. Before you hire anybody, speak to an insurance adviser and weigh up your present insurance. Don’t simply assume your normal home owner’s insurance is enough to cover any eventualities that may occur when having work done on your high value home. If your home needs repairs this should be done by specialist builders and contractors using the proper materials and correct techniques. This will only be covered if you have a high value house insurance policy in place.

Cover for the possessions inside the property

If you have the following high value items in your home you should make sure you have appropriate high value insurance in place to cover them:

• Jewellery
• Fine Art
• Antiques and Jewellery

The price of gold continues to rise, meaning high value jewellery continues to be a target for thieves. Having your high value insurance policy tailored to your needs to adequately protect the value of your jewellery is absolutely essential. One of the key benefits of protecting jewellery in this manner is that you’ll be given worldwide protection. This means that if you take any pieces abroad with you when travelling you’ll know it will be protected against any potential loss, theft or damage. This piece of mind can only come with a properly tailored insurance policy.

Fine Art

Real top quality art isn’t found in most homes in the UK. Therefore, you’d be foolish to think it will be covered in a standard house insurance policy. If you own it, think of how it would make you feel if it was lost, damaged or stolen and you couldn’t claim for the value of the piece. If you want to have these items in the home, think about your insurance.


If your home is full of family antiques passed through generation to generation, again a standard house insurance policy simply won’t cut it, so it is important to get these items valued and included in your house insurance policy.

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