Thursday 19 September 2019

The magnetism of cheap caravan insurance

One thing that often results in us looking closely at an advertisement is the word ‘cheap’. That may well apply when it is used in the context of cheap caravan insurance.

Of course, it is relatively easy to use the word ‘cheap’ if you don’t particularly take the trouble to define it. It could mean any number of things including insurance that is the lowest price or insurance that is ‘cheap’ given the extensive range of features it provides.

Almost inevitably, what is cheap caravan insurance for one caravanner may not prove to be cheap for another – it all depends upon the way you use your caravan and more importantly, what you consider to be the level of cover you require to protect your interests.

Take, for example, the question of touring caravans and journeys outside of the UK.

If a very low cost policy does not provide such cover ‘as standard’ but you also have no plans to take your caravan abroad, then the policy may be acceptable to you and good value for money.

If, however, your plans do include continental trips then the fact the policy is very low cost will be irrelevant to you – you may simply see it as unsuitable. By contrast, another slightly more expensive policy may provide such cover but you may still see that policy as ‘cheap at the price’ given the cover it is providing to you.

As a general rule, it may be advisable to think initially about the cover a policy will provide because it is that which may, if you’re unfortunate, be what you need to rely on to protect you from potentially serious financial damage.

In that scenario, relatively small differences in monthly premium payments may suddenly appear to be irrelevant and your only concern will be whether or not your policy is going to be something you can call upon to help.

That’s why thinking about cheap caravan insurance is fine – but keeping the price in perspective may be useful in the longer term.

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