Thinking of how to compare insurance in Northern Ireland?

There are quite a few things you can do that will typically allow you to reduce your insurance costs. It’s often worth keeping these in mind if you’re looking to compare insurance in Northern Ireland.

More may cost more

This is important in the context of risk because the less risk you ask your insurance company to take, the lower they may be able to bring your premium.

Typically, they’ll see a number of factors as risk reducing including:

  • the use of security devices, alarms and special locks;
  • your voluntary acceptance of a higher amount of excess;
  • in the case of motor vehicles, parking them in a secure location somewhere other than a public street.

Shopping around

One of the bigger changes in insurance in Northern Ireland has come about because of the increasing background political changes.

For many years, many major insurance companies did not offer their policies and products in Northern Ireland due to the risks involved. This meant that buyer choice was severely restricted.

Today that’s all changing. There are now more and more major companies that are offering insurance cover for Northern Ireland and this is benefiting potential purchasers by offering increased choice.

This is also being made easier by technology and the use of the internet. It’s no longer necessary to go slogging around the high street or spend an hour on the phone trying to find and compare insurance in Northern Ireland options. They’re all there – potentially right in your own home.

Saving time

Unfortunately, the insurance position isn’t fully comparable to the UK mainland and a number of companies are yet to make their products applicable to Northern Ireland.

While that continues, it can still be a little tedious trying to find companies that do. If you’re looking to compare insurance in Northern Ireland, you may find help through websites that give quick access to NI insurance companies offering their products in our area. They also have links to the sites concerned and they may prove very useful in helping you find offers and quotes etc.

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