Tuesday 19 November 2019

Tourer caravan insurance for security on the road and off

If you own a touring caravan then you need to look for tourer caravan insurance to ensure that you have security and peace of mind on and off the road. At the very least, you need to have liability insurance for protection in the event that you caused an accident and a third party were to sue you. Liability insurance typically pays towards up to so much of the cost of a legal claim.

Your touring caravan insurance policy typically covers the contents of your caravan, which may include your personal belongings. When taking a policy you may want to consider the following.

  • whether the provider offers new for old or takes depreciation into account;
  • whether new for old cover includes the actual caravan itself;
  • find out if equipment such as Sat-Nav, mobile phones and personal DVD players are included;
  • find out what limits and exclusions there are to contents insurance.

If the provider offers you new for old on your insurance policy, any items that are stolen from the caravan, destroyed or damaged are typically replaced as brand new. This may work out dearer in premiums each month but if your caravan and belongings are new, you may want to pay that little extra more. If you have an older model and only take the essentials with you, then you may want to go for cover that considers depreciation.

When taking out caravan insurance you may want to check if breakdown insurance is included in the policy. Some providers may include basic cover whilst others may ask that you pay to add it into the policy.

If you travel around Europe, you need European insurance included in your tourer caravan insurance policy. This typically means you do not have to apply for insurance at each of the countries you visit. Generally, insurance providers include so many days’ protection. If anything happened to your touring caravan and you were unable to continue on your travels while it was being repaired the policy typically pays towards alternative accommodation. Again, this is generally up to a certain amount per day for up a set period.


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