Thursday 19 September 2019

What affects your car insurance quotes in Northern Ireland?

Here we look at some of the factors that typically affect your motor insurance quotes in Northern Ireland:

  • insurance premiums for residents living in Northern Ireland sometimes tend to be higher than some other places in the UK. Your postcode may be taken into account and will generally affect your insurance quotes in Northern Ireland. If you reside in an area that is known for theft and vandalism, then typically insurance premiums may be higher than for someone living in a quieter area;
  • generally the more powerful the vehicle, the more you may have to pay for your insurance. Insurance may be lower for someone with a small family model than for someone owning a sports car;
  • fully comprehensive insurance typically costs more than a third party fire and theft policy. However, it does generally give you more protection for your own vehicle;
  • if you want European cover included in your policy or some form of breakdown insurance, you may pay more in insurance premiums;
  • women drivers tend to get cheaper car insurance quotes than men, and younger drivers may have to pay a great deal more for their lack of experience;
  • a car that has no or very little form of security may typically cost more to insure than one equipped with a car alarm, immobiliser or a tracking device;
  • parking your vehicle away from the side of the road may help to keep your insurance premiums down by a little. If parked in a garage it is away from other vehicles and stands less chance of suffering accidental damage or of being stolen;
  • how you use your car may affect your car insurance quotes in Northern Ireland. Taking out limited mileage insurance if you do not use the car to travel many miles each year may lead to savings.

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