What are the additional benefits worth looking for in a car insurance policy?

In the UK, unless your car is declared off the road it is a legal requirement for to have current insurance. Luckily for the consumer, the insurance market is highly competitive, with a range of companies clamouring for your attention. Clever advertising campaigns abound with insurers delivering a whole host of additional benefits with which they hope to sweeten their offerings and entice you as a customer. If getting the cheapest car insurance quotes is the most important thing, then seek out a price comparison on the Internet.

Such websites will be able to compare the cover offered by hundreds of companies and you can then tweak your requirements to see what best reduces your premium.
The factors that come into play here include.

• The size make and model of your vehicle.
• Your age and driving history.
• Who else is named on the policy.
• Where you will be storing your vehicle at night.
• The level of cover you require.

The minimum legal requirement is third party insurance. This will cover you in the event of another party damaging your car. Traditionally, this was the cheapest policy available, but in recent years the gap between this and fully comprehensive insurance has reduced, and for some people third party may now be a more expensive option.
To further reduce your quote you should consider adding a named driver to your policy. If this person has a long and unblemished driving record then naming them as a driver can reduce your premium, even if they drive the car infrequently. Insurance companies also look kindly on people who are able to store the car in a garage at night, and those that have fitted additional security or safety features. By adding an immobiliser to your vehicle, or a reverse parking sensor you can shave further pounds from your premium.

Not all insurance policies are created equal, and depending on how you use your car you may want to invest in better cover. For example, those wishing to drive in Europe may find some policies are more suitable than others. The typical length of time that you are allowed to drive abroad is three months. However, if you do your research is possible to find a policy that will allow you to drive for 180 consecutive days, giving the option of that extended break that you’ve always dreamt of.

In the event of an accident those additional policy items will come into play. These may range from insurance for your possessions, cash to meet the cost of medical expenses and legal insurance. Some policies will also provide a courtesy car whilst your vehicle is being repaired, and this can save a considerable amount of money. Look out for insurance companies that have close relationships with breakdown providers. This is an essential element to your motoring, and as some companies have partners who can offer considerable discounts so you can drive safely and cheaply. For example, swinton breakdown cover is a very competitive option that can provide the peace of mind to fully enjoy your motoring.

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