Tuesday 19 November 2019

What benefits are included in motor caravan insurance?

There may be many benefits included as standard in your motor caravan insurance. Of course these usually depend on you taking out a fully comprehensive insurance policy as opposed to a third party fire and theft insurance policy.

Benefits you may need in your policy

  • While there are many beautiful places to visit in the UK, you may want to travel further to take in new sights and if you wish to travel around Europe, you may want to consider having European cover behind you. This ensures you do not have to stop and take out insurance at the border of every country you travel to with your motor caravan.
  • You may want to check what the insurance policy provides in the way of benefits if you were to be involved in an accident whilst on holiday and your motor caravan was damaged, and you were unable to live in it. Often the insurance policy pays out so much each day for so many days for you to stay in accommodation.
  • The insurance policy usually provides protection for your belongings and the contents of your motor caravan. You may want to check to find out if brand new replacements are offered or if wear and tear is taken into account.
  • You may want to check the policy to find out how much the policy pays out for such as awnings. Protection is generally included for awnings but it may be up to so much, you may also want to check to find out if there are exclusions to what a claim may be made for.
  • Your motor caravan insurance usually covers damage to windscreens. You may want to check to find out if this extends to windows and sunroof in your motor caravan. Also, check to see if there is extra excess to pay if your windscreen has to be replaced.

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