Thursday 19 September 2019

What to look for in motorcycle insurance in Northern Ireland

There are a number of steps that you can take to help keep down the premiums for your motorcycle insurance in Northern Ireland.

There are a few points you may want to bear in mind though when looking for those all-important economies.

  • If you accept a higher excess, then this is the amount that you could be asked to pay if you do have to make a claim at some point in the future.
  • Cover where you have the option of fully comprehensive in summer, when you may use your bike more and third party for winter when you may prefer to use a means of transport more suited to the weather, can be cost effective.
  • If you change jobs and start to use your motorcycle for work, your motorcycle insurance in Northern Ireland may be more expensive than if you use your bike solely for commuting or recreational purposes. Don’t be tempted to make do to save some money. It could cost you dear in the long run.
  • Similarly, if your career switch goes in the opposite direction, make sure your insurance provider knows of the change so they can reduce your premiums to match your new circumstances.
  • You may really enjoy the attention that riding a big impressive bike can bring. As a general rule of thumb though, bigger and more powerful bikes are typically more expensive to insure. If all you’re looking for is a means of transport, then a smaller model will do the job of getting you from A to B just as well as a bigger machine.
  • Pay as you go, providing cover by the month, can be an extremely attractive option if you don’t use your bike all the time. You may have to make sure that you fully understand your usage patterns and the point at which this could end up more expensive than an annual policy.

The choice is there

The opening out of our insurance market has introduced choice where very little existed previously. This can only be good news if you are looking for motorcycle insurance in Northern Ireland.

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